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Exploring Book Notes by Adam Smith

Nobody likes to write papers, especially students who are forced to work their magic with the pen seemingly week after week. As hard as you try to stay ahead, another big paper is always due tomorrow. Take advantage of book notes to jump start the free flow of ideas which will save you time and heartache, in addition to the let down of getting a bad score.

There is a variety of different styles and formats open to you today, but a book note usually features a summary of a literary piece, as well as commentary regarding the subject matter and the meaning of the passages which lies beneath the surface. It also includes biographical information regarding the author. Book notes that are of high quality are usually penned by qualified people - like a college professor. Perhaps most importantly, the book note you select should be easy for you to utilize – after all, if the information is just as difficult to find in the book note as it is in the book, what’s the point?

What Good is a Book Note?

A good book note can help you out with more than just book reports. They offer essential information that can be tapped to develop a paper regarding an author, philosopher, society, or culture. Suppose you are asked to write a paper about nineteenth century Cambodian culture. You would research the topic, finding information about their culture and way of life. But how much better would your work be if you could include information penned by a prominent Cambodian author of that period?

Providing information related to a particular person makes the essay much more satisfying to read, and demonstrates your ability to find and relay quality research. You don’t have to know everything about the prominent Cambodian author, but you need to know enough to sound knowledgeable about the person. Book notes can offer this brief, yet valuable insight of the author and his works.

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