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The availability of chess software has exploded since the days of Deep
Blue. Now you can run chess software on all of the popular computer
operating systems including Windows, MAC, Linux, Unix, and the Palm. You
have choices when it comes to the categories or functions of chess
software as well.

Chess Training Software

Chess software in this category is designed to improve visualization and move
calculation skills in Chess. These are basic essential skills that need
to be honed in order to move from being an amature to a master.

Many chess software training titles also teach strategies for the
opening middlegame and endgame so you can learn how to strategise and
thwart your opponent's moves while still executing your game plan.

Peer-to-Peer Chess Software

The chess software category is simply amazing. Peer-to-peer chess
software enables you to play chess against remote opponents without
connecting to a chess server. You simply connect directly to each other
over the Internet or via any other network connection including your
home Windows LAN.

Most titles give you the opportunity to connect directly to a
pre-arranged player or to find an available player through available
message boards.
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