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Computer vs. Computer Chess Software

These chess software programs pit computers against computers using an
Internet or LAN connection. They are good learning tools in some ways
but you shouldn't read too much into their strategies. These chess
software programs can't actually "think" like humans do. Theirs is a
mathematical world where moves are calculated according to a set of
formulas that allow it to determine the "best" move based upon all
possible moves at the moment.

In spite of their "non-thinking" processing, chess software has evolved
to become a formidable opponent even for the grandmasters.

In my opinion nothing beats a head-to-head game with a living breathing
opponent who is seated a few feet away from you on the other side of a
real chessboard. However, I realize that today's lifestyle does not
always allow us the luxury of pre-planned leisure time and they have to
pick up a game whenever and wherever we can. With that it mind, you
should pick yourself up some chess software for those times when a human
in he same room is not an option.


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