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Sexual Massage - How To Enhance Any Relationship by sacha Tarkovsky

n human relationships, one should not underestimate the important of touch and this article is all about using touch to show your partner how much you love and care for them.

Try it and you will find out how to convey your emotions and feelings in a totally different way that will enhance any relationship and is a fun and enjoyable form of foreplay.

The importance of touch

Goes back to our very roots of being in the womb, our mother's holding us, and then childhood innocent games with parents, siblings and friends. In later life, we tend to duplicate this, if we can, with our intimate relations.

The sexual massage is one very special way to do this, and can bring not only relaxation, but a keener sense of intimacy to both partners.

Setting the mood

To begin you will need some relaxing environment. If you are going to give the massage on a bed, it must not be too soft. If it is, use the floor, but put down first a folder blanket or a duvet. You must also have ready

* Massage oil * A large towel, a smaller towel and a small pillow * Some relaxing music * A few scented candles, with some scent like cinnamon which is considered to be somehow aphrodisiac.

The room should be warm, as your partner will be naked (but not at first). Light the candles, put on the music, and you are about ready.

Many techniques include massage (or masturbation) of the gentiles.

This technique does not, but recommends intercourse as the natural conclusion of the massage.

Massage technique
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