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Swinging & Marriage by Jenna Stevenson

While some find the swinging lifestyle very attractive, others believe that it is disgusting and not something that should be done within a marriage. Everyone has his or her own beliefs about this, and generally speaking there isn't all that much middle ground. Is swinging right for your marriage? What are the reasons that you think it may be right? There are many questions one must ask ones self before jumping head first into the swinging lifestyle, even once, if they want their marriage to survive.

Many couples consider involving others in their sex life because they are bored with one another in the bedroom. This is usually an idea that is toyed with over time, until the couple realizes the fantasy. The problem is, any married couple needs to discuss what they hope the outcome of the swinging experience will do for their sexual relationship. If they believe that one time with another person or other people will be the end of the need for swinging they may want to reexamine their agenda to be sure. Simply put, a couple needs to discuss how often they will engage in this type of behavior and how they will communicate about what it is or is not doing for their sexual relationship.

Other couples involve others in their sexual lives because they are both open sexually and would like to experience new things, with new people together. This is the type of married couple that usually does the best with the swinging lifestyle. They aren't (at least knowingly) looking to fix something between them, they are just curious, and eager to try new things together. Because this couple is not seeking anything outside of the relationship that they couldn't already create on their own this couple usually can communicate quite freely about how often they would like to involve others in their sexual life and to what extent. Because the swinging partners are not fulfilling a need that the partner cannot, the sexual relations with others are usually mutually gratifying.
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